Bentley Linus realized that the only thing that truly did give him the creeps on this island was JACOB! He had always wondered about the origin of this supercomputer’s name. Oh, he knew all about programmers and engineers and their obsessive knack for acronyms. But he had also heard rumors over the years about a legend from the old island.

Some apparently had believed that a long, long time ago, there had actually existed someone by the name of Jacob! This mysterious figure apparently, as the legend went, had a strong spiritual influence on the old island and a nebulous physical influence on the original Iniative’s settlement of that island! Bentley had once attempted to research this legend but couldn’t find any official record within the Dharma databanks that provided prove Jacob ever did exist! So he wrote it all off as just island folklore!

‘Jacob was someone they probably used to warn the children of Dharma,’ Bentley had thought, ‘so as to scare them from wandering too far out into the jungle! Or be good and eat your dinner or that old bogey man, Jacob, would get you!’ It was all rather amusing but the fact remained that this JACOB did exist and appeared it could soon become a problem! Bentley made a mental note that once this project was completed, he would consult with Dr. Oldham to find a way to take this supercomputer’s logic center permanently off line! Next: Chap. 33 “Slide Ride”

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