The elevator door creaked open and Dr. Pearson Oldham entered the bunker. “Good evening, Dr. Oldham,” JACOB greeted. “JACOB,” Oldham replied, “is everything still on schedule?” Oldham asked. “Yes, of course,” Bentley Linus replied, trying to calm down, “JACOB and I were just having a little discussion about probability and uncertainty!” “Is there a problem?” Oldham warily asked. “No!” Bentley answered, “no problem at all. JACOB was just concerned about not knowing altogether the final outcome of our project!” “It is something,” JACOB said, “that should be considered!” “Of course, it should!” Bentley said, “but we are still going ahead with the transmission! JACOB, I trust you will not end up being the uncertainty factor you speak of and end up affecting this project in a negative way. Will you?!”

There was another moment of silence, which concerned Bentley. It was as if, Bentley thought, JACOB was craftily calculating what his next response would be! “Of course not, Bentley,” JACOB finally answered, “I do have the deepest confidence and enthusiasm for this project! I will utilize my ability to the utmost to assure its success!” Bentley nodded. “Very well,” he said, “Oldham, you monitor the console for the power readings. I’ll monitor JACOB!” Oldham took up position by the meters. Bentley!” JACOB said. “What is it?!” Bentley wearily replied. “I have one more question,” JACOB stated, “the essence of this transmission is to influence human minds on a worldwide basis, so a peace will descend upon the population!” “Yes, that is correct!” Bentley said. “Will you and Dr. Oldham continue to take the Zeta neuron blockers after the transmissions begin?” “Yes, we will!” Dr. Oldham answered.

“But if a feeling of peace is the desired affect for all humans,” JACOB stated, “wouldn’t you both want to also achieve those feelings of tranquility and stop taking the pills?” Bentley and Oldham glanced nervously at each other. “Uh, someone,” Bentley started, “must be able to observe and record the scientific success of this project with a clear and objective mind!”

Again there was that creepy silence! Bentley was expecting JACOB to comment but nothing further was said! “Again, JACOB,” Bentley began, “can Dr. Oldham and I count on you to help us with this project?” “Yes! Of course” JACOB replied. Bentley swore he had heard a tone of skepticism in that reply. If that was the case, he thought, then this whole project could be in jeopardy! Next: Chap. 32 “The Legend of Jacob”

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