Aaron Littleton still had a funny feeling about all of this! “Okay, Mr. Rom,” he said, “what’s the details of your plan?” Thomas Rom smiled, “Well, two other Karma members and I will masquerade as Dharma security. We’ll take the Dharma carts, with you and Skate in back, and head over to the bunker. There, we’ll tell the guards that we’ve captured the two notorious fugitives and are to report directly to Bentley Linus and have been told he’s in the bunker!”

“What if he isn’t in the bunker?” Aaron asked. “Doesn’t make any difference,“ Skate answered, “we’ll just take the guard’s keys anyway and let ourselves in!” “And if indeed Bentley is in the bunker,” Rom added, “then we’ll still enter and kill two birds with one stone, as they say!” Aaron laughed, “They say a lot of things. But this is so crazy it’ll probably work!” “You gotta another plan?” Rom asked.

Aaron chuckled, “The sad thing is, I don’t! I wish I did! But no! You and Skate both have been in Dharma. You know their security as well as anybody. You think they’ll fall for it?” Rom and Skate looked at each other and smiled. “Oh,” Skate answered, “they’ll fall for it, hook, line, and sinker!” Aaron smiled, “That’s what I was afraid you’d say. Okay! I’m in! When do we go?” Rom nodded, “Get ready! We’re leaving now!” Aaron nodded back, “That was another thing I was afraid you’d say!” Next: Chap. 31 “Probability and Uncertainty”

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