The heavy rain had turned to a light drizzle. On the 23rd floor of the Hanso building, Kristin DeGroot stood at the picture window overlooking downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan. She had just read the report about the young woman found dead at the Polar bear exhibit back on the island and it gave DeGroot a subtle sense of dread. The woman's exact cause of death was still unknown, however a report of some very strange occurances, just prior to the discovery of the body, was a cause for concern. She immediately made a call.

A holographic image of a young man with short, dark hair and slightly bulging eyes, appeared. "Hello, Bentley," DeGroot said. "Hello, Kristin," the nasally voice man replied. "I've read your report," DeGroot said, as a matter of fact, "and I think we really have no choice. We have to contact the Agency." Bentley frowned, "with all due respect, I strongly disagree! We can keep this all under wraps! I mean, for God's sake, we don't even know who she was or what really happened!" "But we'll soon know," DeGroot wearily replied, "and they have the ability to find out as well. I have not spent all these years rebuilding the Dharma Iniative and my Grandparent's reputations, only to have it all come crashing down once again! I've made my decision. I'm placing the call!" "Then," Bentley smarthly replied, "we'll have their agents snooping all around the island! Do you want that at this stage of our experimentation?"

DeGroot shook her head, "no, but if I don't report, we'll be in violation of the law and that will garner even more attention! We have no choice! Keep me posted on the result's of the girl's autopsy!" "Very well!" Bentley curtly replied, as he disconnected and his image quickly dissolved.

Kristin DeGroot flipped open her fiber phone. "This is Kristen DeGroot," she softly spoke into the receiver, "I'm CEO of the Dharma Iniative headquartered in Ann Arbor." "Yes," the voice on the other end of the connection replied, "how may we help you, Ms. DeGroot?' Kristin nervously cleared her throat, "I wish to report a possible breach in the time/fate continuum!" Next: Chap. 3 "An Investigation"

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