Aaron Littleton had an uneasy feeling about all of this! “So when are you going to implement this plan?” he asked. “Very soon,” Thomas Rom answered, “we don’t have that much time. Bentley Linus has got his security team tracking you and Skate! They’ll eventually catch up to you! So we have to act fast!”

“How are you going to enter the bunker?” Aaron wondered, “you just going to walk up!” “Basically, yeah!” Rom answered. “We’ve stolen enough Dharma uniforms,” Skate Austen interrupted, “and we have a couple of Dharma carts. We act cool, there won’t be a problem!” ‘The Second Rule of Detectives,’ Aaron thought, ‘is when someone says there won’t be a problem. There’ll be a problem!’

“So, okay,” Aaron said, “we get in. Then what?” Rom held up a thumb drive, “the virus is in this. I insert it into one of the supercomputer’s memory columns, do the download. Its done!” “What about this so called supercomputer?” Aaron asked. “It’s Dharma’s main strength and can be its main weakness!” Rom replied, “the entire island is “wired” into its operating system. Bentley Linus may give the orders but to have those orders carried out, he has to go through the computer. We take it down, we take down Dharma!”

“You talk about this “supercomputer” like it’s a person!” Aaron noted. “In a way it is!” Rom replied, “it’s a quantum based machine! It has a superior artificial intelligence structure. It can “see” and “hear” and can even “converse” with people!” “So, does it have a name too?” Aaron chuckled. Rom smiled, “Technically it’s a JAta Computational Observational Based system. Dharma calls it JACOB!” Next: Chap. 29 “The Eye of JACOB”

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