“Well, Mr. Rom,” Aaron Littleton began, “you said something interesting!” “And what was that,” Rom replied. “You said,” Aaron continued, “that you were looking for someone when you joined Dharma. Who were you looking for?!” Rom nodded, “My oldest brother, Ethan. Years ago, after finishing medical school, my brother wasn’t happy. He felt his skills could be better served on a worldwide scale. So he got involved with Dharma! Next thing my family knew, he was somewhere on an island in the south pacific!

At first, he kept in contact with us. Kept telling us how this place was really “special.” How it had “magical” qualities! He was really exited! But as time went on, his texts became more infrequent and darker in tone! Then we lost contact with him altogether! My family called Dharma’s headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to try and find out about him but Dharma was very evasive. We never did find out what happened!

When I got older, I decided to find out myself! After I joined Dharma I tried, but to no avail. There were no records of him. Nothing! It was like he never even existed! After I found out about the true nature of Dharma, it makes sense! I’m sure there are a lot of other families wondering what ever happened to their loved ones! That’s another reason I have to stop Dharma from causing any more harm!” “You said you have a plan,” Aaron asked, “what is it?”

Rom stood up and paced. “As Skate has told you, Dharma is going to broadcast a subliminal signal world wide to manipulate the minds of the world’s population. Just like they’ve done here to their local members. This signal contains an embedded mathematical code. The code is in a program that is loaded into a supercomputer Dharma keeps in an underground bunker, located under the center of Dharmaville! Recently, using a stolen palm net, I was able to program a virus. We’re going to break into this bunker, insert the virus, and destroy the supercomputer!” “Well, that’s quite a plan!” Aaron remarked. “So, you feeling better?” Rom asked. “Yeah, why?” Aaron answered. Rom chuckled, “because you’re going to help us!” Next: Chap. 28 “The Second Rule”

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