“You were with Dharma?!” Aaron Littleton asked the man Skate Austen had said was the leader of the Karma Imperative! “Yeah,” he replied, “I also ‘wanted to change the world’ while I looked for someone! I was recruited by Dharma, worked as a computer programmer in Dharmaville and, like Skate, was kidnapped and shown the truth, by an extraordinary man, about the Dharma Iniative! A man who was in tune with the very soul of this island! He was not only the founder and leader of the Imperative, he was our spiritual guide!”

“Who was he?” Aaron asked. “His name was Robert Alpert!” Skate answered. “Robert told me,” the man began, “that his Grandfather had once told him about “special” places in the world! Places that held a “source”! A “source” of all that is good and a “source” of all that is bad! How you “tap” into this source could mean the beginning of a new world or the end of the old! He set out with a group of like-minded individuals on a journey of discovery! They ended up being mysteriously drawn to this island!”

“You said he “was” your leader,” Aaron said, “what happened to him?” “He was caught by Dharma and executed!” the man replied. “He died so young and so soon!” Skate remarked. “So you became the leader?” Aaron asked. “Yes,” the man answered, “since I had been with Dharma and knew their set up, I was asked to become the Imperative’s new leader! After Robert's death, I knew I had a tremendous task to fill but I had to do it to assure his death was not in vain!” Aaron nodded, “I appreciate you filling me in on all of this but there is one thing you and Skate have failed to tell me!” “What’s that?” the man asked. Aaron smiled, “Who you are!” The man smiled back, “My name is Thomas Rom!” Next: Chap. 27 “Rom”

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