Aaron Littleton was amused. He had just been saved by The Karma Imperative from the Dharma Iniative! ‘Somehow, there was poetic justice in all of this,’ he thought. “So,” a voice from behind suddenly said, “you feeling any better?” It was The Karma Imperative’s apparent leader! “Yeah, I am!” Aaron answered, “mind if I ask you some questions?” “Well,” the man answered, “seems as you’re gonna ask anyway, go ahead! But mind that I might choose not to answer some!” “Be nice!” Skate Austen said, smiling at the man. “Fair enough,” Aaron said, “Skate says your group’s called The Karma Imperative. I bet there’s a story behind that!” The man grinned, “I suppose. What part of that story you wanna hear?!” “How about the beginning!” Aaron answered.

“The beginning you want, the beginning you’ll get!” the man started, “about a decade ago this island materialized out of the sea!* A small group of people, calling themselves The Karma Imperative, mysteriously were drawn to this place. They soon realized this wasn’t any ordinary island! It had “special” properties! They strived to understand these properties, learn about them, and live in harmony with its nature. And they did, until another group arrived.

They called themselves The Dharma Iniative! They came to exploit the island for profit. The Karma Imperative tried to reason with them but to no avail. Thus, a war began! A guerrilla war! Karma has been fighting this war for several years now. Recently, they discovered Dharma has been testing a subliminal mind control signal on the island to control their members and are soon planning to broadcast this signal worldwide!” “Yeah,” Aaron said, “Skate mentioned something about that!”

“The Dharma elite,” the man continued, “slime like Bentley Linus take pills, developed by that quack doctor Oldham, that block out the signals, so they can maintain complete control!” “That’s the Zeta pills I was telling you about!” Skate said to Aaron. Aaron nodded. “I let the Imperative’s leader at that time know about the Zetas,” the man continued, “so they broke into Oldham’s lab and stole a supply of pills, which we started taking to keep us safe from the signals! Then we gave Zetas to any Dharma member we managed to kidnap, so they could see what their so called “family” were really up to!” “Wait!” Aaron interrupted, “you said something about a ‘leader at the time?’ Haven’t you always been the leader?” “No, not always!” the man replied, “I used to be with the Dharma Iniative!” Next: Chap. 26 “Cults and Leaders”

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