There are few moments in life where one can feel truly at ease! When you come across one of those moments, you try and savor it for as long as you can because you know it is always rare and is always fleeting! Aaron Littleton wanted to savor this moment with Skate Austen because he knew very bad things were on the way!

“Skate,” he asked, “how did you ever get involved with the Dharma Iniative in the first place?” Skate softly laughed, “You mean what’s a nice girl like me doing in a place like this?” Aaron smiled, “Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean!” “I was in school,” Skate explained, “one day, as I was walking to my next class, I found myself mysteriously drawn to a booth set up in the middle of campus. This group, this Dharma Iniative, were recruiting new members. ‘How would you like to change the world?’ they asked me. Well, before I knew it, I was here! It’s really weird because my mom, one time, had briefly mentioned that she and my father were both somehow involved with them many years ago! It was something she didn’t really want to talk about though. By the time she had even mentioned it, my father was long gone! I guess its a family curse! Dharma seemed to somehow attract the Austen girls!”

“I honestly can’t see you as the type of girl,” Aaron said, “who would be happy in a cult like Dharma?” Skate nodded, “Yeah, I guess. But I didn’t have anywhere else to go! I’m kind of a wanderer! I can’t seem to stay at any one place for long! I guess I was hoping Dharma would give me some stability in my life. A place I could finally call home!”

“But now you’re with this other group!” Aaron said. Skate nodded, “Yeah. They have it together! Or so it seems!” “This group,” Aaron said, as he looked around the camp, “what do they call themselves?” Skate smiled, “They’re called The Karma Imperitive!” Next: Chap. 25 “The Karma Imperitive”

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