Aaron Littleton drifted in and out of consciousness. He could feel being carried along but to where and by whom he wasn’t sure! He could hear voices but couldn’t understand what they were saying. After what seemed an eternity, he felt himself being lowered to the ground. He wanted to sleep but didn’t know whether his life was still in danger! He strained to open his eyes! He could see a figure leaning over him. The image was blurry but he kept trying to concentrate! Slowly, the image of the figure came into view. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen!

“Hey, Skate,” he managed to mumble. “Hey, yourself,” Skate replied. “Where am I?” Aaron weakly asked. “You’re safe for now,” Skate said, “we’re deep in the jungle, at the camp of the people I told you about. They’re the ones who rescued you! Here, you need to drink this!” Skate handed Aaron a cup. Aaron drank. He didn’t know what it was but it did make him feel better. ‘Maybe it was spiked with those Zeta pills’, he mused to himself!

“So you are the great agent that Skate has told me all about!” The voice sounded confident and strong! Aaron turned to see a tall, thin man, with very dark hair, standing nearby. “This is the man who rescued you!” Skate said, “he is also the one who is in charge!” “Thanks,” Aaron replied, “Skate has told me about Dharma’s apparent plan for world domination!” Aaron tried to laugh but it hurt too much! The man nodded, “Dharma’s got a plan and we’ve got a plan to stop them!” “How you gonna do that?” Aaron asked. “You rest for now,” the man answered, “then later I’ll fill you in. If you’ll excuse me, time is short and I’ve got a lot to do in the next few hours! In the meantime, Skate will take care of you!” Aaron glanced over to Skate, whose smile was the most reassuring thing he had seen in quite awhile! Next: Chap. 24 “Moments”

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