Bentley Linus flew into a rage! “WHAT IN THE HELL HAS HAPPENED IN ROOM 23??!!” he screamed into the intercom. “We’re checking on it, sir,” the voice over the intercom replied. “I WANT ANSWERS NOW!!” Bentley yelled. “Well, sir,” the voice returned, “it appears there has been a power outage in that building. We’re working to get the power restored as soon as possible, sir!”

Bentley immediately called security! “I trust you have guards stationed outside the building where room 23 is,” Bentley sarcastically asked. “Yes, sir. Two guards,” the voice replied. “Well, there seems to have been an “interruption” of the power grid to that room,” Bentley stated, barely keeping his anger under control, “are you aware of that?!” “Uh, yyes sir,” the voice stammered, “we are aware of the situation and have security enroute as we speak!” “Let me know as soon as those guards arrive, you understand me??!!” Bentley commanded.

He immediately called Dr. Pearson Oldham! “Oldham!” he said urgently, “meet me in the bunker! I’m starting the final phase of the project tonight!” “May I remind you” Oldham said, “that there are a few more items that need to be checked before we proceed!” “MAY I REMIND YOU WHO IS STILL IN CHARGE HERE!!” Bentley screamed, as he hung up! The intercom buzzed. Bentley answered.

“Sir,” the voice hesitantly started, “security reports that the two guards stationed outside room 23 were found incapacitated!” “WHAT ABOUT THE ROOM, YOU IDIOT!!” Bentley raged. “Uh, sir,” the voice nervously continued, “the room appears to have been breached!” Bentley’s rage peaked, “WAS LITTLETON STILL THERE!!!” The intercom was silent for a moment. “No, sir,” the voice finally continued, “the straps on the chair had been cut, as had the power cable into the room. There was no one there!” Bentley quietly turned off the intercom. There was no more rage! A cool calm strangely came over him. He slowly paced his office. ‘Aaron Littleton will be found,’ Bentley thought, ‘and when he is, I won’t reprogram him into a new member of the Dharma Iniative. I will just have him killed!’ Next: Chap. 23 “Deep in the Jungle”

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