Aaron Littleton would of liked to have used some choice words to tell Bentley Linus some things as well, but the gag over his mouth prevented any constructive comments! So he was forced to watch Bentley up on the screen and listen to his nasally, irritating voice!

“I’m afraid,” Bentley continued, “that you were getting a little too close to the truth! Dharma has come too far to have you, or anyone else for that matter, interfere at this late stage of our project! Everything was going along smoothly until that woman “dropped in”, so to speak! I warned Kristin DeGroot not to report any of this, but she panicked and well, here you are! For the record, Mr. Littleton, Dharma is no longer conducting any further research into time travel, so its somewhat ironic that this unfortunate incident with the woman had to happen here and now!

Based on our own investigation, it turned out this woman was a time traveler! A traveler from the past! From what we could find, over fifty years ago, as a child, she had been on the original island! She was part of a forced evacuation of that island for reasons I won’t go into right now! However, it appeared that after she grew up, she came back to the original island on some kind of mission. Now, what Dr. Oldham didn’t tell you, or put in his autopsy report, was that this woman was already dead when she “dropped from the sky”!

In piecing together some of the information at the time, the original island had to be “moved” to protect it from those who wished to use it for nefarious purposes. Apparently, some people were not able to “survive” this move. I suspect she was one of those! Either way, she is dead and you are here! When I learned of her name, it really meant nothing to me, as it will probably mean nothing to you, but according to our database her name was Charlotte S. Lewis!” Next: Chap 21 “Just Another Victim”

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