An eerie darkness settled uneasily upon the jungle. In the middle of a clearing sat a rectangular building. The building's reflective glass mirrored the starry night sky, so at first glance it appeared as if a piece of the heavens had broken off and landed in the middle of this remote island. Two layers of electrified barbed-wire fence enveloped the entire perimeter. The electric fence was a stern reminder for any "accidental tourists" that the zoo was now closed for the night.

It was quiet. At least as quiet as the night sounds of the jungle would permit. Bill Tanner had just completed his rounds and was headed back to the security shack, when he suddenly heard a low whooshing sound and glimpsed a quick flash of purple light! Then he heard the faint sound of an animalistic growl! He immediately knew there was a disturbance at the Polar bear exhibit! Tanner quickly radioed, "Jim! You there?!" "Yeah, Bill!" the other guard, Jim Tyler responded, "go ahead!" "Got a possible situation at the Polar exhibit!" Tanner reported, "bears are awake! I'm checking it out!" "Roger that!" Tyler replied, "I'm heading over now!"

Tanner slowly approached the concrete pit that housed the two white bears. They were moving about the exhibit and seemed to be agitated by something in the center of the enclosure. Tanner switched on his flashlight and scanned the beam across the pit floor. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a shape! Tyler came running up, "What is it?!" Tanner pointed. At the bottom of the pit, lay the body of a young woman! "Get an emergency crew down here!" Tyler ordered, "we'll need shock sticks to get the bears back into their cave, then we'll seal off the enclosure!" "We'll have to contact HQ!" Tanner said. Tyler nodded. He knew Ms. DeGroot would not be pleased! Next: Chap. 2 "Time and Fate"

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