Aaron Littleton slowly regained consciousness. He found himself tied down in a metal chair with his mouth gagged and his eyes goggled! His head was gripped in a vice-like device, which forced him to face an old HD flat screen TV on the opposite wall, while large headphones covered his ears! He tried to use what was left of his peripheral vision to see where he was. He realized he was back in room 23!

Suddenly, a shrieking high-pitched whine painfully pierced his brain! He grimaced in agony! The room became dark and a series of images began to flash upon the screen! The images were of people and places he didn’t know. Interspersed within those images were phrases. YOU ARE DHARMA. DHARMA IS YOU. YOU ARE THE SOURCE OF ALL YOUR PROBLEMS. DHARMA IS YOUR FAMILY. He began to become nauseas! His head ached! His mind became cloudy! His thoughts fuzzy! Then, just as suddenly as it all began, it suddenly stopped!

The images up on the screen were quickly replaced with the image of a man with dark hair and slightly bulging eyes. Bentley Linus! “Mr. Littleton,” Bentley nasally announced, “I’m really sorry it has come to this but you have left me with no choice!” Aaron also had no choice, as he could only look and listen. “You’ve become a problem,” Bentley continued, “so I’m going to solve this problem by making you a part of this organization! I’m going to wipe your memory clean then re-program it, so you will soon be able to lead a happy and productive life, as a new member of the Dharma Iniative!”

An evil grin traced slightly across Bentley’s face! “But before I do,” he mockingly stated, “as the gracious host that I am, I feel like I should do you one last favor. I’m going to tell you who the dead woman was!” Next: Chap. 20 “The Dead Woman”

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