The Dharma cart, carrying Aaron Littleton and Skate Austen, flew down the path, deep into the jungle! Suddenly, to their right, on an adjacent path, they spotted another cart with two Dharma security personnel keeping pace! “We’ve got company!” Aaron said. Skate nodded, “they’re gonna try and cut us off up ahead where the paths intersect!” Approaching the intersection, they soon saw a second cart blocking their way!

Skate braked! She put the cart into reverse, spun around, and darted into the jungle foliage! Aaron dived down to avoid being decapitated by a low hanging limb! They exited the foliage onto another path, still headed in a westerly direction! Suddenly, shots rang out! Bullets buzzed over their heads! “Thought Bentley had a no weapons policy!” Aaron mumbled to himself, as he glanced back to see another cart, with two guards carrying automatic rifles, rapidly gaining! Aaron pulled out the Steel Spitter, aimed, and fired!

25 steel spikes tore into the persuing cart’s front tires, causing it to cartwheel and throw the two guards, head over heels, into the jungle! “One down!” Aaron remarked. “And two to go!” Skate replied, as Aaron looked up just in time to see two more carts blocking the path! Before Skate could take action however, another cart shot out of the jungle, clipping the rear of their cart! After a 360 degree spin, they ended up against a wild wood tree!

Aaron and Skate, slightly shaken, quickly took cover behind the now crumpled cart! Shots continued to ring out! Aaron and Skate returned fire! “Skate!” Aaron yelled, “get the hell out of here!” “Not without you!” Skate replied, continuing to return fire! “No! Now!” Aaron cried out, “get to your people! I’ll cover you!” Skate reluctantly nodded, then took off into the jungle! Aaron opened up with the Spitter! Dharma security dove in all directions, as the spikes pulverized their carts! Aaron suddenly felt a slight stinging sensation! He reached up and pulled a dart from his neck! He tried to make a dash into the jungle but dizziness quickly overtook him, just before he passed out! Next: Chap. 19 “Room 23”

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