“Look, I’m just a little freaked out right now, okay?!” Skate Austen cried. “Your last name was so familiar to me, Aaron Littleton said, “I’m sorry I told you!” Skate nodded, “It was all such a long time ago anyway, wasn’t it? Water under the bridge and all that crap! Time to move on, huh?!” “Yeah, time to move on!” Aaron replied. ‘What were the chances of finding the girl whose mother was killed by your very own mother?’* Aaron wondered. He knew about fate and chance. After all, the Temporal Time Agency protected and preserved fate! ‘Maybe this girl isn’t crazy,’ Aaron thought, ‘maybe she is telling the truth! Maybe it is fate. Maybe it is destiny that had brought them together!’ Skate pulled herself together.

“Listen,” she began, “we’re getting out of here! There’s a Dharma cart parked just outside!” “Where we going?” Aaron reluctantly asked. “Out past Dharmaville’s perimeter. To the people I told you about!” Skate slowly opened the door. “Here,” Aaron said, handing her the .380, “I imagine you’ll need this!” Skate took the gun, as she peered out into the hallway! “Its clear,” she whispered, “lets go!” Aaron stayed close behind, as she moved down the hall, then made a fast right turn through a side exit! Aaron quickly followed! The Dharma cart, as Skate promised, was parked nearby! They jumped in and peeled out, heading west down the path into the jungle!

Meanwhile, Dr. Pearson Oldham checked the security monitors from his office. He scanned the commissary. No sign of Aaron or Skate. He checked the hall cams. Nothing! But when he brought up the outside cameras, he caught a glimpse of a white Dharma cart, with Aaron and Skate aboard, moving quickly away from the medical center! Oldham immediately got on the intercom! “I have a cart with the TTA agent and Skate Austen moving toward the west perimeter! Intercept them, then take agent Littleton to room 23!” “What do you want us to do about the girl?” the voice over the intercom asked. “Kill her!” Oldham replied. Next: Chapter 18 “Flight Path”

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