Aaron Littleton didn’t know what to make of Skate Austen’s accusations. He had figured Bentley Linus was trying to hide something and obviously knew Kristin DeGroot had tried to dissuade him from coming here in the first place. So either this girl was telling the truth or she was crazy and the Dharma Iniative was just trying to avoid some bad public relations for their resort that the discovery of a girl’s dead body would obviously bring.

“Your name is rather unusual,” Aaron said, “is it a nickname? Did you like to skate a lot when you were a kid? I’m sure there’s a story behind it. Right?” “Did you hear anything I just told you?!” Skate began to rage, “these are serious people attempting to do serious evil things and you are worried about my name?!” Aaron smiled, “No offense. I just was curious, that’s all! I’m an investigator and former detective. I’m just naturally nosy!” Skate began to calm down. “It was the name my mother gave me,” she explained, “it was a combination of my father’s name and her name.”

“What were their names?” Aaron asked. “Look, why do you care?!” Skate replied, “I never met my dad! So what’s the difference?!” Aaron nodded, “I understand, but your last name was the same last name of a woman who once helped raise me!” Skate smiled, “Well, according to my mother, my name is a combination of a name my father used, “Sawyer”, and my mother, whose name was “Kate”!” Aaron was shocked, “your mother was Kate Austen?!” Skate nodded. “Kate Austen,” Aaron said, “was the woman who, for a short time, helped raise me! And I hate to have to tell you this but my natural mother was the one who killed her!”* Skate just stood there. “Son of a Bitch!” she finally said. Next: Chap. 17 “Fate and Chance”

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