“Where is he now!” Bentley Linus screamed into the phone. “He is in the medical center commissary having some coffee,” Dr. Oldham answered. “Did he get any data readings of the girl?” Bentley asked. “Yes,” Oldham replied. “And?!” Bentley said, raising his already nasally voice, “listen Doctor! I don’t have time to play twenty questions! Did he transmit the findings to a TTA database to identify the dead girl?!” “Yes, Mr. Linus,” Oldham answered, “but I had the de-fezzer on and the info he transmitted was fried! I assure you the TTA did not receive the data!”

“Good,” Bentley said, “how long have we got before he begins to suspect something?” “He said he expected to I.D. the dead girl within the hour,” Oldham answered. “Plenty of time,” Bentley said, “I don’t care how you do it but get him back to room 23! Then leave the rest to me!” “Very well,” Oldham said, as he hung up.

Bentley once again began to nervously pace. ‘DeGroot may not like this,’ he thought, ’but she’s not here! Its now gotten out of hand! The TTA cannot find out who that dead girl was! If it does, it will only invite more suspicion and a more thorough investigation which could reveal the project! So I’m going to have to stop Littleton by wiping out his mind and making him just another obedient member of the Dharma Iniative!’ Next: Chap. 16 “Skate”

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