“What the hell are you talking about?!” Aaron Littleton asked. The girl was nervous but persistent! “Nothing is as it appears!” she repeated, “have you had any weird dreams since you’ve been here?!” “Weird dreams?!” Aaron asked, “what kind of weird dreams?!” The girl quickly pulled a .380 caliber handgun from her lab coat pocket and pressed the barrel into Aaron’s ribs, “Again, I ask you, have you had any weird dreams?!” Aaron quickly knocked the gun out of her hand and spun her around, pinning her arms behind her back! She struggled to get free of his grip! “Now, I don’t like guns pushed into my ribs unless I know why,” Aaron said, “even when I know why, I still don’t like it! Yes! I had one weird dream last night! Why do you ask?!” The girl stopped struggling. “Then its beginning to happen to you!” she said.

“One last time,” Aaron said frustratingly, “what is going on?!” The girl sighed. “They are messing with everyone’s mind here!” Aaron was beginning to think that her mind was already messed up! “How so?” he asked. “Well,” she began, “I’m sure you’ve noticed how some people appear zoned out around here!” “Yeah, I did! So what?! You appeared zoned out yourself when I first met you!” Aaron replied. “It was all an act so they wouldn’t suspect anything!” she said. “Look,“ Aaron said, “if I release my grip will you be a good girl?” The girl nodded. Aaron let go. She walked slowly over to the corner of the room. Aaron quickly retrieved the .380 that had landed in the opposite corner. “So who is messing with who’s mind and why?” he asked.

“It’s all an experiment by Dharma,” she explained, “they are broadcasting some type of subliminal signal that affects the brain. It erodes all of your critical facilities, so you will obey any of their commands without hesitation. It first begins to affect you in your dreams! Then it begins to affect your thoughts!” Aaron immediately thought about his dream. ‘Maybe’, he wondered, ‘that was what his mother, Claire, was trying to warn him about! “Beware of false dark thoughts!” she had told him!’ “So, if what you say is true,” Aaron said, “then why aren’t you affected?”

The girl took out a small pill case. “These are Zetas!” she replied, “a neuron blocker that Dr. Oldham developed that blocks the neuro-receptors of the brain from receiving the transmissions. Only a select few, like Linus and Oldham, have access to them. That’s how they can control all of the members!” “How did you discover all this and get those pills?” Aaron asked. “I was out near the western perimeter of Dharmaville one day,” the girl explained, “when I felt a sting in my neck and I blacked out! I awoke deep in the jungle, amongst some people who told me what was going on and gave me a Zeta pill. That was the day I began to see Dharma for what they really were! And what these people told me was that Dharma was going to implement a project they were secretly working on in an attempt to change reality as we know it!” "That’s one ambitious project!" Aaron mused, “by the way, what’s your name?!” The girl smiled naturally this time. “Skate Austen!” she replied. Next: Chap. 15 “Fried Data”

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