Dr. Pearson Oldham led Aaron Littleton through a series of winding hallways to the lab, where the body of the mysterious girl was kept in cold storage. Oldham approached a stainless steel storage door, unlocked the latch, and slowly rolled out the drawer, which held the body under a white sheet. Aaron raised the sheet. The girl appeared to be in her mid to late 20’s. Pretty, with long hair. Aaron could detect no bruises or marks on her. Which ruled out she was mauled to death by the polar bears. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small leather case.

“I’m going to take fingerprints, dental tracings, and use a micro-imager to scan her face,” Aaron explained, “so I can run it through the TTA database for identification.” Oldham nodded, as he stepped away and stood in a corner of the lab. After Aaron recorded the readings, he placed the sheet back over the girl. “I’m finished,” he said to Oldham, who walked over and slid the drawer back and latched the storage door. “Now, what?” Oldham asked. “Now,” Aaron answered, “I’ll uplink the data to TTA, where they will run it through their database.” “How soon before you have an answer?” Oldham asked. “Won’t be more than an hour or so,” Aaron replied. Oldham nodded, “Well, in the meantime, you’re welcome to have coffee in our break room.” Aaron smiled, “Thank you, no. I would like to speak with the two security guards, who discovered the girl’s body at the polar bear exhibit.”

“Well,” Oldham replied, “that would normally not be a problem but they are no longer here,” Aaron frowned, “No longer here? What do you mean?!” “One guard,” Oldham explained, “has retired and the other has finished his tour and has been sent home!” “Well, that’s very convenient,” Aaron replied, “I will need to still contact them whether they are on this island or not!” Oldham nodded, “I understand, but you will have to speak with our CEO, Ms. DeGroot for permission. It is out of our hands here.” “As I said,” Aaron frustratingly uttered, “its all so very convenient for Dharma, isn’t it?” Oldham said nothing. “So, I guess I’ll have that coffee after all,” Aaron said. Oldham nodded then spoke into an intercom, “Please take Mr. Littleton over to the commissary!”

The door opened and the pretty ash blonde, who had earlier greeted Aaron in the reception room, appeared! “If you’ll follow me please, sir,” she said. Aaron followed. They walked down another winding hall. “Ever get lost in here?” he jokingly asked. She smiled but said nothing. As they turned the corner, she suddenly grabbed Aaron by the arm and pushed him into a side room! She quickly followed him in and shut the door! She walked over to an intercom control panel and hit a button! She stopped smiling her vapid smile, as her face took on a air of intense seriousness! “What the hell’s going on?!” Aaron asked. “I’ve turned on the scrambler so no one can locate us,” she replied. “Again,” he asked, “what is going on!” “Listen to me very carefully,” the girl said, “your life is in danger!” “And why would my life be in danger?” Aaron asked. “Because,” the girl nervously replied, “nothing is at it appears!” Next: Chap. 14 “Zetas”

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