Aaron Littleton was bewildered at Dr. Oldham’s statement about the dead girl. “What do you think all of this means, Doctor?“ Aaron asked. Oldham shrugged, “I haven’t the slightest idea, Mr. Littleton. I figured its now up to you to determine that!” Aaron sat in thought. “Dr. Oldham,” Aaron began, “I know as a member of the Dharma Iniative, you’ve taken an oath of loyalty to the group. But as a Doctor, I know you’ve taken an oath to help others. I want you to help me by being honest!”

Oldham stared at Aaron quizzically, “Of course, Mr. Littleton!” Aaron smiled, “I know from my own research on your group’s history, that one of the areas of interest to Dharma was time travel. Rumor had it that they conducted time experiments back then. Some were successful. Some were not. Dharma’s pioneering research helped open up the technology, we have today, to successfully transverse time. But Dharma’s failures also opened up the writing of laws and the eventual creation of my agency to help regulate and license time travel projects, to assure timelines remain intact and fates not diverted. So tell me honestly, Doctor. Has the Dharma Iniative gotten back into the time travel business?”

Oldham laughed, “No, Mr. Littleton. I assure you we have not! If we had, why would we have contacted your agency?!” Aaron nodded, “Well, I hope you’re right. Because if you have, you’re not licensed, which violates Federal, as well as international law, and I could shut this entire island down immediately!” Oldham sat quietly. Aaron smiled, “I apologize for my dramatics, Dr. Oldham. I just wanted to emphasis the seriousness of the situation. Give you a chance to tell me anything you might be holding back.” Oldham smiled, “Everything I know about this incident is in my report.”

Aaron nodded, “Yes, of course. Uh, your grandfather was an original member of Dharma wasn’t he?” Oldham began to squirm in his chair. “YYes,” he stammered, “why do you ask?” “Oh,” Aaron replied, “just part of my job to check into all of my interviewee’s backgrounds. Your grandfather was a Doctor as well?” “Yes,” Oldham nervously replied. “In fact,” Aaron grinned, “He was also Dharma’s official torturer, wasn’t he?” Oldham quickly stood up! “MY Grandfather,” Oldham loudly replied, “was a great scientist and helped create the Iniative! Back then, there were those who wanted to take over the group and use it for nefarious purposes! My Grandfather’s “pioneering interrogative techniques” helped gather information which helped save Dharma many, many times! Those who use the word “torturer” are severely misinformed and should keep their mouths shut!”

Aaron nodded, “Yes, of course. I apologize. So you followed in your family’s footsteps just like Bentley Linus, huh?” Oldham slowly sat back down, “Many generations of us have been drawn back to Dharma to help continue the inspired work that the Iniative provides! Now, Mr. Littleton, as much as I would love to talk with you about Dharma history, time is short! So if you please, I will take you to the girl’s body!” Aaron was secretly pleased with himself. He had found a way to get under Oldham’s skin. That could turn out be very useful. Next: Chap. 13 “Not As It Appears”

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