The DHARMA cart, driven by the “seductress”, took Aaron Littleton to a polished glass building, deep within a jungle clearing. “Here you are, sir,” the seductress said, “this is our medical center, sir. Dr. Oldham’s office is inside, sir.” Aaron hopped out of the cart, as the girl sped away down the asphalt path before quickly disappearing back into the thick jungle. He walked up a concrete path to two large revolving doors and entered.

Inside, the center was surgical white with a DHARMA medical insignia on the back wall. The waiting room was immaculate. Standing by the horse shoe shaped reception desk was a very pretty, ash blonde girl, with dark eyes, light complexion, and a slightly turned up pixie nose. “Welcome, sir,” she greeted blandly, “you must be Agent Littleton.” “I must be,” Aaron replied. The girl smiled vacantly, “I’m to escort you to Dr. Oldham’s office, sir! Please follow me, Agent Littleton, sir!” Aaron noted she acted as robotically as the “seductress” had. He followed her. She was dressed in a white lab coat with a DHARMA medical center patch over her left pocket. They entered a smaller office, where a thin man wearing thick rounded glasses, stood up from behind a desk.

“Dr. Oldham,” the girl said, “this is agent Littleton of the TTA. Agent Littleton, sir, this is Dr. Pearson Oldham, our Dharma medical director.” “Dr. Oldham,” Aaron began, “I’d like to see the autopsy report on the girl, if I may.” Dr. Oldham nodded, as he picked up a file off the desk and handed it to Aaron. “Please have a seat, agent” Oldham said, “and I’ll answer any questions you may have.” Oldham turned to the girl and nodded. The girl smiled vacantly once more, as she left. Aaron read the report. It was short and to the point. “It says here in your notes,” Aaron remarked, “that the results were “strange and unusual”. What did you mean by that?”

“Well, her internal organs were damaged,” Oldham nervously replied. “I would expect that,” Aaron commented, “especially when she hit the hard pit floor!” Oldham nodded, “However, her organ damage were not as a result of blunt force trauma. Instead, her internal organs were out of alignment!” “Out of alignment?!” Aaron asked. “Yes,” Oldham sighed, “all of her insides were not lined up!” Aaron frowned, “And how do you explain that, Doctor?” “The only possible explanation I have at this time,” Oldham remarked, “and mind you I am not a physicist, was that her atoms didn’t properly re-assemble when she came falling out of the sky!” Next: Chap. 12 “Pioneering Interrogative Techniques”

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