“A cart is on its way!” Bentley announced. Aaron nodded. “It must feel kind of strange for you,” Bentley remarked. “What do you mean?” Aaron asked. “Oh, you know," Bentley softly said, “coming to this place. A place very much like the place where you were born. I mean, in a way, you’re coming home!” Aaron smiled, “So I see you did a little checking on me, huh?” Bentley nodded, “Yes. I meant no offense. We are a private organization and as such we need to know a little bit about those who come to our resort. Especially those on official business!”

Aaron grinned, “I can appreciate that, Bentley Linus. Your father was an early member of the Dharma Iniative wasn’t he?” Bentley smiled, “And you have done your research on me and my family as well, haven’t you?” Aaron nodded. “Yes,” Bentley answered, “he came to the original island as a child.” “Did you ever meet your father?” Aaron asked. Bentley smiled, “Unfortunately, no. He was killed in an accident on the original island many years ago.* But I try to keep his memory alive with my work here on the new island!” “Who was your mother?” Aaron asked. Bentley seemed to become nervous. “Her name was Anastasia,” Bentley answered. “How did your mother and father meet?” Aaron asked, “was she a member of the Dharma Iniative as well?”

Bentley was becoming agitated, “Mr. Littleton, I think you are asking questions you already know the answers to! My mother was never married to my father! In fact, she never met him! She was artificially inseminated. She was a young member of the Iniative and was chosen to be the one to give birth to a direct descendent of one of the greatest leaders who had ever been affiliated with the Dharma Iniative, my father, Benjamin Linus! I AM his son and proud of it!!!” Aaron smiled, “Very well. No offense.” Aaron knew he had crossed the line but that was okay. Aaron didn’t like this cooperation crap that Bentley Linus feigned. He didn’t like or trust Bentley and he knew he had just put him on the defensive. Aaron Littleton liked that! Next: Chap. 11 “A Strange and Unusual Report”

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