The world reversed. The night finally gave way to the day, as the sun rose in the West. The Hunter slept uneasily. He jarred himself awake and remembered he had to report in. He reached into his saddle bag and took out the tin and opened it. There wasn't much of the ashen spice left. Just enough to make contact. He took a pinch. His consciousness reached out for the echo of the statue. The ceiling gave way to the floor. The floor gave way to the ceiling. He was neither here nor there. Caught up in a linked out limbo! Soon, he connected with his contact! The mysterious one called Jacob! Jacob, who had arranged the bounty. Jacob, who had represented the clients. Jacob, who had hired him. "Have you arrived?" Jacob asked. "Yeah," the Hunter replied, "the two they seek maybe near! The one you seek maybe near as well!" "Good," Jacob said, "locate the young girl and man first! If He gets them to use their talents, it may already be too late!" The Hunter nodded. "Then," Jacob continued, "keep Him from escaping! But remember, the Judgements are fast approaching! You haven't much time!" The link to Jacob disolved and the Hunter knew the spice had worn off. He felt like he was falling into a vortex! The ceiling gave back to the floor and the floor gave back to the ceiling! He found himself back in room 23! He knew what he had to do and he had to do it quickly. The Judgements were near! Next: Chap. 10 "The Sheriff"

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