The Hunter had just gotten back in bed when there was another knock on the door! "Hell, I'll never get any rest!" he mumbled. Hiding the revolver under the sheets, he called out, "Yeah, come on in!" The door slowly creaked open. The lamplight illuminated a stunningly beautiful redhead who leaned against the door. "Mr. Linus asked me to apologize in his behalf for all of the interruptions this evening." "And who are you?" the Hunter asked. She stood and looked around the room. "Charlotte!" she softly answered. The Hunter noticed she seemed distracted and was trying to keep from laughing. "What's so funny?" he asked her. "Oh, I don't know," she giggled, "this whole charade amuses me!" The Hunter immediately jumped out of bed and slapped her hard across her face! She fell back laughing! "How'd you know, Hunter?!" she asked, as she shape shifted into the black hooded man known as Death! "Because you find so many things we humans do so entertaining!" the Hunter replied. "Yes, Hunter, I do!" Death said, its red eyes glowing in the lamplight, "but you've got things to do in the morning for me, so I won't keep you long!" "Things to do for you??!!" the Hunter asked. "Yes," Death said, "You'll destroy three souls before the end of tomorrow! I thank you in advance for that! But beware Hunter, each soul you destroy gives Him another clue that you're here and where you are!" "Why do you care?!" the Hunter asked. Death smiled a hollow smile. "Because I do like you, Hunter. We're alike, you and I! We both enjoy the art of death! And besides, I want you around a while longer to keep this game amusing!" "Glad to be able to keep you so entertained!" the Hunter wearily replied. Death laughed once more then shape shifted into a shadow which quickly faded. The Hunter knew there would be no rest tonight. Fate had seen to that! Next: Chap. 9 "The Spice"

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