There was another knock on the door. Much louder this time! "Hello! Its Benjamin Linus! Open up!" Juliet silently screamed! "It's okay," the Hunter assured her, as he let Linus in. Juliet stood frozen in fear. "I'm sorry," Linus said, "but if you spend any more time with Miss Juliet, I'll have to charge you extra!" The Hunter smiled, "that's okay. She was just leaving!" Linus nodded, "Come along Juliet, the gentleman needs his rest!" Juliet reluctantly followed Linus out of the room. Linus paused on his way out, then turned back to address the Hunter. "I don't know what she has told you but be aware. Juliet has been, shall I say, confused lately. Show him your arm, Juliet." The Hunter was confused himself and looked over to Juliet standing in the doorway. A look of fear was still on her face. "Go on, Juliet!" Linus gently commanded. She rolled up her sleeve to reveal several needle marks on her arm and a tatoo of a pentagram within a circle. "As you can see," Linus laughed, "she is a Witch! A harmless Witch, who long ago lost her powers due to her addiction to the loco, but a Witch nevertheless. So be very wary of her. She still has the powers of persuasion and will say anything to get her way! She feels if she doesn't get away from Dharma Gulch, she is going to die!" "That's a lie!" Juliet sadly said. "Why's that a lie?" the Hunter asked, noticing the tears forming in her eyes. "I'm not going to die," she replied, "because I'm already dead!" Next: Chap. 8 "The Visitor"

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