The shadows from the lamplight flickered across Juliet's face. "How can you help me?" the Hunter asked. She smiled, "I know things that may be useful to you." "What kinda things?" he asked. "Several days ago," she began, "some strangers arrived by stagecoach. Nothing unusual about that. Everyone ends up here sooner or later. But they were different." "How so?" he asked. Juliet stared into space, "It's like they were confused. Like they thought being here was all a mistake!" "Who were they?" "A young girl and young man," Juliet replied. "Where are they?" the Hunter asked, as he sat down across from her. "I don't know," Juliet answered, "they stayed in rooms 15 and 16. Never saw them again but I heard strange things the night they arrived. Footsteps. Doors creaking. Whispers! I think they were taken somewhere else. Listen, way past the outskirts of town is a cabin. It is deep within the Cacti territory. There, someone may be able to help you. But be very careful!" "Why?" the Hunter asked, wondering if Juliet's rambling indicated insanity! "The Mystics live there. Even He is wary of them!" "Who is He?!" the Hunter impatiently asked. Juliet looked up in surprise. "Why, the person you're here for. The Smoke Man!" Next: Chap. 7 "The Witch"

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