The Hunter stood at the bar and studied a piece of paper he was carrying. "Is that a list of things to do in Dharma Gulch?" the soft female voice said, interrupting his thoughts. He looked up to see a young, pretty woman with long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. "Yeah, sort of," he replied. She smiled, "I overheard you're new in town! Need a guide?" The Hunter smiled back, "Not now!" "Well, cowboy," the blonde mischievously replied, "when you make up your mind, let me know!" "Who should I ask for?" the Hunter inquired. "Claire!" she answered, as she wandered off. Then another voice behind him spoke! A weasely, nasally voice. The Hunter quickly turned around! A short, bug eyed man, wearing a bola tie and derby hat, addressed him. "I understand you want a room. So happens one is availiable. Room 23 is very comfortable. My name's Benjamin Linus. I own this establishment! Room will cost you a dollar!" The Hunter handed over a buck. Linus handed over a key. "Anything else I can provide you?" Linus asked. The Hunter smiled, "Information!" "What kind of information?" Linus replied, not smiling. "I'm looking for some people," the Hunter said, "who might have passed through here." "I'm not in a position to reveal the identity of any of my guests," Linus nervously replied, "in the morning, you should talk to our Sheriff. He a friendly sort but doesn't take any nonsense! So until then, good evening!" The Hunter nodded, then headed upstairs to room 23. He had the list. Now he just needed to find out where the people on that list were and how to get them out safely before the Smoke Man discovered he had arrived! Next: Chap. 5 "The Night"

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