The Hunter rode on. He soon noticed a coyote, on his right flank, keeping pace. It turned and trotted over. "Nice job, Hunter," the coyote said. The Hunter thought he was hallucinating from the intense heat of this desert hell, but quickly dismissed the idea when the coyote shape-shifted into Mr. Death! "Well, what would a day be without seeing you?!" the Hunter mused. Death smiled, "I came over to thank you. Releasing those two and helping to send the rest of those pathetic souls straight to hell! You made me proud!" "Save the false flattery for some other time," the Hunter said, "I've got miles still to go before I sleep!" "So you do!" Death replied, "so long, Hunter! We'll meet again!" "Don't bother!" the Hunter said. "Oh," Death replied, "it's never a bother!" With that said, Death shape-shifted back into a coyote and trotted quickly away into the desert. The Hunter continued on. Suddenly, Katie and the white horse hesitated! The Hunter drew out the revolver! He noticed some movement to his left, behind some sagebrush! "Come on out!" he called. From behind the brush came the strange boy! "You again?!" the Hunter warily asked. "Hey, Mr. Hunter," the boy said, "you heading home now, huh?" "You should already know, shouldn't you?" the Hunter replied, "you being so special!" "Yeah, I guess so!" the boy answered. "Where are you going?" the Hunter asked, "what are you going to do now?" "Oh, I'll stick around," the boy answered, "I kinda don't have a choice! But there's always gonna be a need for a guide! There will always be someone on their way to hell!" The Hunter nodded, then began to ride on. The strange boy turned and headed back across the desert towards Dharma Gulch. "By the way," the Hunter called back, "what is your name?!" "Walt!" the boy answered, "what's yours?!" But, as Walt glanced back, the Hunter had vanished! The End.

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