The Hunter consulted his map of escape points. "One should be around here somewhere," he said, to no one in particular. Suddenly, he saw a point! About twenty feet in front of them was a centrically shaped glass tube. Within the tube was a white fog. The Hunter could now place Shannon and Faraday into the tube and send them up. The Hunter dismounted and tied his horse, Katie, and the white horse, to some nearby mesquite tree branches. He helped Shannon dismount, while Faraday jumped down on his own. "We're here," the Hunter said. "Where?" Shannon mumbled. "At an escape point," the Hunter replied, "I'm putting you both into this tube and sending up back up. You'll be greeted by your brother and Faraday by his Father!" "Oh, joy!" Faraday said. "This is your opportunity for another chance," the Hunter explained, "another shot at happiness. Another life! A new reincarnation! Both of your families have spent alot of physical and psychical time and money to bring you both back from hell!" The Hunter then proceeded to tap open the tube. "In ya go!" he motioned. "Are you coming with us?" Shannon asked, as she stepped into the tube with Faraday following. "No, I can't," the Hunter answered. "Why not?" Shannon asked. "Because he is still alive!" Faraday interrupted. The Hunter nodded, then re-tapped the tube which quickly sealed. He stepped back and watched, as the tube rocketed straight up into the sky towards another afterlife, on a direct path to heaven! Next: Chap. 35 "The Epilogue"

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