The Hunter turned the horses around and with Shannon and Faraday in tow, started to head out of town. Suddenly, another voice! "Is it now safe? Did you destroy Him?" The Hunter turned to see the proprietor, Benjamin Linus, standing outside the saloon. The burley bartender was beside him. "Yeah," the Hunter answered, "safe as its gonna be for now!" "Dude!" the bartender said, "I knew you were the one who was finally gonna save us!" The bartender looked around at the damage then walked over to where Locke's head lay on the ground. He suddenly kicked the head as hard as he could! It went spinning up into the air, flying down the street, until it came down hard and rolled for another twenty feet before coming to a stop! "I never liked that guy!" the bartender said. "We're leaving!" the Hunter announced, "I know where there is an escape point, if you want to go!" Linus smiled, "No, thank you. There is no other place for me and my friend here to go! Someone has to stay and take care of the town. Be here when others ride in. We'll help them prepare. Help be their guides!" "Suit yourself!" the Hunter said, as he turned and rode out of town, leaving Linus and the bartender as the new men in charge. The sun was still high and the desert was still searing hot! The Hunter took out his map and studied it. The nearest escape point was approximately one mile due east of Dharma Gulch. They should reach it within an hour, give or take infinity! Next: Chap. 37 "The Tube"

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