From out of the saloon, the townspeople fled in fear! The boars homed in on the runaways! The blonde girl Claire, tripped in her attempt to escape and was quickly ripped apart! Her limbs thrown in all directions! Doc Shephard attempted to protect the freckle-nosed girl but was just too drunk to coordinate a defense! They held each other in their arms, as four boars shredded their flesh! The witch junkie Juliet, stepped out of the saloon and stood on the steps. She raised her hands and mumbled some words in a last attempt to dig up whatever magic she had left and cast one more feeble spell to save her soul! It didn't work! One boar knocked her to the ground as it tore off her face! The town was in complete chaos! People ran in all directions, only to be ovetaken by the demon boars! The Hunter glanced back to see Locke and Keamy laughing. Enjoying all the carnage! He took out the revolver and fired! The bullets, however, just bounced off their skin! They then turned and took aim! Suddenly, the Hunter heard a roaring noise from behind! He glanced back to see Faraday holding up a small canvas bag! A silvery metallic mist rushed out of the bag and headed straight for Locke and Keamy! They immediately opened fire but their bullets were instantly absorbed by the mist! The mist quickly wrapped itself around Locke! It absorbed and dissolved his body, leaving only his head, which slowly rolled onto the ground! The mist then turned on Keamy and penetrated his eyes! The Hunter could only see the look of horror on Keamy's face as his head exploded, spraying his brains into the air! The mist turned its attention onto the boars! One by one, each boar was absorbed, then fried to a crisp before it melted into the ground! Then the mist evaporated! The Hunter glanced back to Faraday. "The Mystics thought you might need one more spell!" Faraday said. The Hunter nodded. Shannon was still shaking in fear! The Hunter knew they had to get to an escape point as soon as possible because even though the festivities were now over, the potential for danger was not! Next: Chap. 36 "The Damage"

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