The Hunter, Shannon, and Faraday, approached Dharma Gulch cautiously. The town appeared deserted. They rode slowly down main street. All was quiet. Or so it appeared! "Well, I see you made it back with your bounty!" the gravely voice spoke from behind. The Hunter turned to see Sheriff John Locke and Deputy Keamy standing off to the side. "You're just in time for the Festival of Judgments!" Locke said. "That so?" the Hunter replied, "well, I'm sorry Sheriff but we've got a previous appointment. We won't be able to attend!" "Oh, I think you will attend!" Locke replied, as Keamy laughed evilly. The Hunter slowly moved into position to draw his gun. "Your leader is gone!" the Hunter said, "you're now free! You don't have to take orders from Him anymore!" Locke laughed, "Mr. Hunter. What makes you think I took orders from Him in the first place?!" The Hunter smiled, "because you strike me as a man who poses as a leader. Who pretends he has all the answers but at his basic core is a weak, easily manipulated loser, who can only be a pathetic follower of the orders of others!" Locke smiled, "Well, we'll see who is giving the orders now!" Locke then turned and hollered "Let the Festivities begin!" Suddenly, swirling winds raked up the thick dust! From out of this dust came a dozen red-eyed boars, who charged down the street in a rush of insane intensity! "Ah, hell," the Hunter mused, "this ain't gonna be good!" Next: Chap. 35 "The Boars"

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