After what seemed and probably was an eternity, the barge pulled up to Frank's home dock. The Hunter helped Shannon onto the bank. She was still groggy and confused but seemed stronger. Cindy, Zach, and Emma, greeted them. Frank called out, "Bring the horse!" Zach and Emma ran to retrieve Katie. "Thanks, Frank," the Hunter said, "for all of your help!" The Hunter reached into his pocket and pulled out the last canvas bag and handed it to Frank. "What's this?" Frank asked. "Payment for your services!" the Hunter replied, "it was a gift from some Mystics. It's the last spell. If ever you're in danger, just open it. The rest will take care of itself!" Frank nodded and placed the bag into his pocket. Zach and Emma brought Katie around. The Hunter placed Shannon on the back of the black horse and jumped on front. He turned Katie around and rode off towards the Mystics to pick up Faraday. As they galloped, the Hunter noticed they were being followed! A large gray owl, carrying twigs in its claws, seemed to be pacing them! It twice swooped low until it landed, where it shifted into the shape of a beautiful oriental woman! The Mystic, Sun! "Whoa!" the Hunter cried out to Katie, who quickly stopped! "We were just coming to see you!" he said. "I know," Sun replied, "I've come to save you time!" She snapped her fingers! The twigs on the ground shape-shifted into a white horse carrying a dazed Daniel Faraday! "Well, this is convenient!" the Hunter laughed. "Go now!" Sun said, "He may be gone but others affiliated with Him are still active and will try to stop you! Get back to the town quickly!" With that said, Sun shape-shifted back into the owl and flew off! The Hunter watched until she disappeared into the distance. So with Faraday now in custody, they all rode off towards the last way station back. The town of Dharma Gulch! Next: Chap. 34 "The Festivities"

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