The Witch's chants were deafening! The ground continued to rumble! The Smoke Man continued to rise higher and higher in the Splitter's beam! The Hunter reached into his pocket and pulled out another small canvas bag. Another spell! He quickly opened it and stood back! A stream of fire blasted out of the bag! Nikki and Ana were so entranced with their chanting, that they took no notice of the fire storm that was dancing ever so closer! The Hunter made his move! He grabbed Shannon and pulled her out of the path of the streaking fire! Nikki and Ana broke their trance to look up just before the fire engulfed them! Their skin melted off their skeletons, forming a pool of liquified flesh, which quickly evaporated! Their bones then pulverized into dust! With the power of the witchs now shut off, the Splitter shut down! The energy field collapsed, trapping the Smoke Man in an ever tightening loop of electro-magnetic arcs! Smoke Man screamed out in pain and frustration! The Hunter pulled Shannon towards the waiting coach! He glanced back just in time to see the Smoke Man disintegrate into a shower of sparks! The Hunter pushed Shannon into the coach, jumped up front to take the reins, and quickly sped away! He had to get back to the barge before Frank cast off! The sequence of events were now set in motion! The judgments were here! Next: Chap. 32 "The Fire"

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