"You're not going anywhere," the Hunter said, "you know that don't you?!" The Smoke Man laughed, "how are you going to stop me? By wishing me away?!" The Hunter knew he had to stall until he could get into a position to nab Shannon, then make a getaway! "You know," the Smoke Man said, "I've paid my dues! But through every life I've led, every role I've played, I've only wanted one thing!" "And what was that?' the Hunter asked. "To just go home!" the Smoke Man lamented, "that's all! But my brother has always impeded me! Its all just some game to him! Oh, he gets to re-live all his lives! He gets to float in the void! He gets to materialize! I mean, to actually take physical shape and still influence lives. Determine fates! Shape events throughout history, like some damned tin god! Me? I get to be in charge down here! Sending all of these pathetic creatures to the level of punishment they deserve! They've been given so many chances, so many reicarnations, to get their lives together! But they all end up here! Playing out some type of final role! Yeah, this is the end of the line, all right! But finally, I've got a chance to split this prison and head back up to reality! I'm turning over this place to these lovely wizardettes! So Hunter, don't get in my way! I warn you!" The Hunter slowly moved into position! The Smoke Man turned to the witches. "Ladies," he said, "start your Mojo!" Nikki and Ana dropped to their knees, along with Shannon. Ana placed the silver splitter on the ground before them. The conjuring began! Suddenly, a bright blue light emanated from the silver box! It shot straight up into the air! The Hunter felt the ground begin to shake! The light spread and engulfed the Smoke Man! The sky turned purple! Lighting streaked out in spidery fashion! The sky split! The Smoke Man lifted up! Slowly, he rose! His face turned skyward with a look of delightful evil! The witches chanted louder! Even Shannon mindlessly mumbled something unitelligible! The Hunter knew now was the time! He reached for a spell! Next: Chap. 31 "The Collapse"

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