The Hunter trudged on. The dry winds had picked up and so had the dust. Visibility dropped. It was now too dangerous to move any further. His horse snorted with disapproval, as she slowed to a lumbering gait. "Yeah, Katie," he said, "I know you can't see. We'll stop!" He dismounted and tied the horse to some deadwood stumps. He managed to find a large rock and sat down, pulling a kerchief over his face to help him breathe in the ever thickening dust. The winds howled around him like wolves stalking their prey! Images began to form! A shapeless shadow suddenly came walking out of the swirling dust and sat down on a rock across from him! "Hello, Hunter!" the shadow said. The Hunter didn't reply. The shape then shifted into an image of a man wearing a black robe, its hood covering his head. The Hunter couldn't see his face, but he knew who it was! "You know, I'll eventually catch up to you and kill you!" The Hunter said. "Will you?" the shape eerily replied, "I don't think you've got the spirit but I'll make this a game! You remember how much I love games don't you?" "Yeah, I remember," the Hunter wearily replied, "how about this game move?!" The Hunter quickly drew the revolver and fired! The bullet split the hood! The shape looked up to reveal a laughing skull that stared into the Hunter's eyes! "You thought I was Him, the Smoke Man, didn't you?!" the Skull cried out between eerie laughter! The Hunter stood up and suddenly found himself back atop his horse! The dust storm was gone and the searing sun was back! He regained his bearings and noticed a tattered article of clothing on the ground. He dismounted and picked it up. A black robe! He checked and found the hood split! He checked the revolver. One bullet missing! It was bad enough, he thought, that he had to deal with the Man of Smoke but Death had now decided to tag along! "Hell, this game just keeps getting better and better!" he mumbled. Suddenly, a short flash of light in the distance caught his eye! Maybe it was the town the strange boy had spoken of. Maybe not! Either way, the Hunter had to find out! Souls were depending on him! Next Chap. 3 "The Town"

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