The Smoke Man remarked sarcastically. "You're not the first Hunter to track me here, you know that don't you?" "Yeah, so I've heard," the Hunter answered. "And you know what happened to those other Hunters?" Smoke Man asked, "I destroyed their souls!" Eko stepped forward, with club in hand. "So how is business in hell? Picking up, I'd imagine!" The Smoke Man smiled, "well, its doing very nicely, thank you!" Eko smiled back, then swung the club hard across the Smoke Man's face! Smoke Man just laughed, as he ripped the club out of Eko's grip and pulverized it into a fine dust! He then grabbed Eko by the neck, holding him up off the ground! The Hunter quickly stepped forward to help Eko, but was suddenly knocked off his feet by an invisible force created by an ever so slight nod of the Smoke Man's head! "I remember you, Mr. Eko!" the Smoke Man taunted, "you once were a drug runner! You once were a fake priest! You once were a murderer! You once were a slave! You always had a tormented soul, no matter what life you lived! The best I can do for you is to finally put you out of your misery!" The Smoke Man crushed Eko's head and dropped his body onto the ground! "You Bastard!" the Hunter cried out, as he found his footing. "Easy, Bounty Hunter," the Smoke Man said, "I just did him a favor, believe me! You, of all people, should appreciate that!" "I'd appreciate you giving me the girl!" the Hunter said. "And I told you I will, just as soon as I'm done with her!" The Smoke Man turned to face the cave. "Ladies!" he called out, "bring Miss Rutherford!" Out of the cave came Nikki and Ana, with Shannon Rutherford beside them. Shannon appeared woozy. Unfocused. The Hunter figured she had been given some loco! Ana also carried a rectangular silver box. The Hunter guessed it was Faraday's Splitter! "Okay, Mr. Hunter," the Smoke Man said, "you'll have your bounty beauty, just as soon as she helps me get home!" Next: Chap. 30 "The Conjuring"

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