"We're not here to have our fortunes told, Bitch!" the Hunter said, "where is Shannon Rutherford! Bring her to me now!" The curtain behind the blonde parted and a dark-haired beauty peered out. "Is there a problem here, Nikki?" the girl asked. "No, Ana! No problem at all! These gentlemen were just leaving!" "The hell we are!" the Hunter replied! Suddenly, Nikki raised her hand and with a slight flick of her wrist, Eko went flying through the air, back out the tent's entrance! The Hunter could hear him hit hard against the ground! Ana stepped forward and waved her arms ever so slightly. A dozen snakes crawled into the tent! Rattlers and Sidewinders hissed, as the Hunter quickly stepped back! The snakes leaped at him and wrapped themselves tightly around his arms and legs, quickly shape-shifting into ropes. The Hunter was helpless! He could only stuggle against the ever tightening ropes. "The more you struggle, cowboy," Nikki said, "the tighter the snake ropes will get!" "Come on, Nikki," Ana said smiling, "we've got to get her to the mines. He is waiting. The judgements are here!" The Hunter saw the witches pull back the back flap. He could see another blonde in a chair. Shannon! The witches pulled Shannon to her feet and took her through the back exit of the tent to a waiting coach! They quickly rode away! Eko re-entered the tent. "These Juju's have the voodoo!" he said. "Help me get these snakes off!" the Hunter said. As Eko reached for one of the ropes, it sudddenly turned back into a snake and struck out! Eko jumped back and swung the club, striking the snake, but it only hissed and quickly turned back into a rope! "In my shirt pocket," the Hunter said, "is three small canvas bags! Take one out and open it!" Eko reached into the pocket, took out a small bag and drew it open. Suddenly, a strong wind rushed out of the bag! A white smoke swirled rapidly around the Hunter! The smoke whirled tighter and tighter, until it engulfed the Hunter! All the ropes turned back into snakes, as they struck out at the white vapor! Suddenly, the snakes hissed out in pain as, one by one, each snake loosened its grip and fell onto the ground. Quickly dissolving into a fine ash that blew away! The white smoke then disapated itself. The Hunter rubbed his sore wrists. "What was in that bag?" Eko asked. "Another kind of voodoo!" the Hunter replied. "Well, that's comforting to know," Eko said, "we're going to need some type of voodoo to fight those witches!" Next: Chap. 28 "The Rendezvous"

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