On down the midway, Eko and the Hunter quickly moved. Zigzagging through the crowds of the vacant. The soulless, empty bodies of these walking dead could still detect the life that the Hunter still had. They came to him! Reaching out! Grabbing at his sleeves! "Take us back with you, Mister!" they eerily implored, "please, Mister! We don't deserve this fate! What have we done wrong?! Take us back! Give us another chance!" The Hunter was being surrounded! What was once men, women, and children, reached out to him! Pleading! Begging! Becoming more aggressive at each step! Tearing at the Hunter! Ripping his sleeves! Tearing at his shirt! "Get back, damn it!" the Hunter cried, trying to push them away! Eko stepped in to help push them off, but they kept coming! The tents of distractions that attempted to sooth those awaiting the final judgements were ignored! Eko pulled out the club and began hammering away! He decapitated three of the soulless! Their heads rolling down the midway! Then he swung around to tear off the limbs of four others! The Hunter drew and began to hand fan the revolver! The bullets put neat, pinpoint holes through the stomachs, chests, and faces of a half dozen more! "Please have mercy on us!" the hapless creatures called out, "God have mercy!" "God is not here!" Eko replied, "so there is no mercy!" The Hunter quickly re-loaded but Eko grabbed his arm and dragged him further up the midway! Suddenly, up ahead it stood! The tent! FORTUNES TOLD. SPELLS SOLD. The neon sign read, its words in blood red. The Hunter and Eko entered! Inside were two tables burdened with bottles of potions and charms. Behind the first table sat a beautiful blonde in a long black dress. She looked up and smiled. Her deep green eyes glowed hypnotically! "I trust you gentlemen have come to see your future," she softly said, "but you are wasting your time!" "Why is that?" the Hunter asked. "Because," she replied, "you have no future!" Next: Chap. 27 "The Snakes"

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