"This Ringmaster is who we need to see!" Eko said. "Lets talk to Mr. Chang now!" the Hunter replied. Chang continued on with his introductory remarks, "Ladies and Gentlemen and boys and girls of all ages, I direct your attention to ringside left, where the lovely Zoe will defy death by having steel knives thrown at her! Lets hope those knives don't slice her throat! On ringside right, Master Marksman Michael will fire shots at his talented assistant Libby, who will proceed to catch the bullets with her teeth! And at ringside center, the Mysterious Magician Dogen will juggle 42 baseballs, making them disappear in a flash! So come one, come all, to the greatest show not on Earth! Don't worry if you miss anything, all of our performances will be performed every night for eternity!" With that pronouncement, Chang stepped aside and the show began! The Hunter and Eko moved through the crowd of hapless, soulless creatures, who stared at the performers with the hollow look of the dead! Chang disappeared into a small side tent. The Hunter and Eko followed. As Chang was placing his top hat upon a table, Eko used his club to put Chang into a head lock! "Excuse us, but we wish to ask you some questions!" Eko said. "What the hell?!" Chang gasped, "who are you?!" "Listen very carefully," the Hunter said, "I'm looking for someone. Her name's Shannon Rutherford!" "We're also looking for the man in charge!" Eko added. "Now, how can you help us?!" the Hunter asked. "Get out now!" Chang cried. "You are in no position to order us around," the Hunter said, "my friend here will snap your neck if you don't cooperate! I know you're not judged yet. You've still got some of your soul left!" "Don't threaten me!" Chang replied, "I'm going to some level of hell anyway for what I've done in all my previous lives! So I don't care what in hell you do! The stupid girl you ask for is further up the Midway. Look for a tent marked, FORTUNES TOLD. SPELLS SOLD. You will find her there. As for the one in charge, you don't know what you're getting into and who He is!" "Oh, I think we have a sneaking suspicion who and what He is!" the Hunter replied. "Well," Chang said, "you will find Him in His cave at the Black Rock mines. But beware!" "Beware of what?" Eko asked. "You won't surprise him," Chang said. "And why not?" the Hunter asked. Chang laughed, "Because He is expecting you!" Next: Chap. 26 "The Tent"

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