The barge docked. "I have," Frank announced, "completed my end of the bargain and have delivered you to evil! You both do what you've got to do but as for me...well, in one hour I head back downriver, with or without you!" Eko and the Hunter nodded and stepped off the barge onto the dock and headed toward a glowing arc that apparently was the "entrance" to this hellish circus! As they approached, a thin man with short dark hair and a ferret-like face greeted them. His name tag read PHIL. "Welcome, gentlemen," he cheerily said, "to the greatest circus in eternity! You may purchase your tickets right here! Right now!" "How much?" Eko asked. Phil smiled, "Why, it will only cost you your soul!" Eko smiled back, "I will have to discuss the cost with my associate first. Would that be okay?" "Yes, of course!" Phil replied. Eko glanced over to the Hunter who nodded. Eko then turned and clubbed Phil over the head! "Admission is now free!" Eko said, as he and the Hunter passed through the gates and on into the midway. A variety of tents had been pitched. Carneys were barking out to entice them to enter their particular tent to see their particular attraction. "Hey! Hey! Hey!" one carney called out, "come see the great Sayid, practioner of the strange art of detonation! See him survive the most powerful of explosions! He is the best who had ever once lived!" The Hunter and Eko moved on. They soon noticed a large tent up ahead. "Let us see what kind of circus this really is!" Eko said. As they entered, the show had already begun! In the center ring was the Master of Ceremonies! "Ladies and Gentlemen!" he cried out, "I am your host for the evening! I am Ringmaster Chang! We have a very special show for you with lots of surprises! For not only is this the Circus of Life, but tonight it will also be the Circus of Death!" Next: Chap. 25 "The Ringmaster"

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