The barge continued to trudge up river. "I am going to a place called the Glowing Stones," Eko said. The Hunter glanced over to Frank. "The Glowing Stones," Frank explained, "is one of the entrance points reserved for those who have been judged!" Frank turned back to Eko and asked, "isn't entering the stones usually reserved for those already judged?!" "This is what I have come to understand," Eko replied, "but I will not be judged by anyone but myself! In all of my previous lives, I have sinned only in the course of my own survival! I have judged myself and the verdict has been handed down by me! I will go to hell!" Frank laughed, "if you want to go to hell, you don't have to enter the stones! You just stay with us and we'll deliver you right to its front door!" "If that is the case, then I will stay," Eko said, "however, once we arrive there is someone I wish to speak to!" "And who would that be?" the Hunter asked. Eko smiled, "Why, the devil himself!" Next: Chap. 23 "The Circus"

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