The Hunter saw the canoe coming up quickly behind, carrying ghostly shapes dressed in shaggy, shredded clothing, made of animal skins. The shapes were carrying bows. They fired a volley of arrows, striking the barge! The Hunter opened fire! Three of the shapes were immediately hit and immediately dissolved! Frank set the controls to auto-pilot and ran to the barge's stern. He lifted up a crate, that was positioned on the rear deck, to reveal a Gattling gun! He swung the gun around and turned the crank. The water surounding the canoe exploded under a shower of bullets! Shapes randomly disintegrated, as the canoe dissolved into nothingness! The Hunter continued to fire his revolver! "Cease fire!" Frank yelled, "they're not here anymore! Those guys were from elsewhere! Another reality! Another time! Maybe they were alive! Maybe dead! But they've moved on!" The Hunter still held the revolver steady! 'A crossover point,' the Hunter remembered the Mystics telling him! So the barge moved on. Suddenly, up ahead! On the banks! A figure! Human?! Waving! As they approached, they heard shouting, "Stop! Please!" Frank slowed and steered the barge near the shore, as the man hopped aboard. He was very large and intimidating and carried a wooden club! He wore shabby clothes and had chains on his wrists and ankles. "I thought I was going to have to wait an eternity!" the man said. "How far are you going?' Frank asked. "Not far, I beleive," he replied, "my name is Eko. I was a slave. I was captured and taken aboard a ship. A slave ship. Several days out to sea, the ship was caught in a storm and destroyed. Suddenly, I found myself here! I thank you for giving me safe passage!" "Safe passage to where?" the Hunter asked. Eko smiled then replied, "I am crossing over to hell!" Next: Chap. 22 "The Judged"

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