The Hunter was getting nowhere with Faraday. Daniel was refusing to budge from the cabin. The Hunter couldn't really blame him. As long as he was with the Mystics he was, for the time being, relatively safe. Nevertheless, the Hunter was hired to bring Faraday back home to his Father. So there was a change in plan. The Hunter would, for now, leave Faraday. He would come back for him later. The Hunter had to move on. This world was winding down and the Judgements were growing closer! The Hunter had to now head toward the mines at Black Rock! "What do you know about the Black Rock area?" he asked the Mystics. "Very treacherous. Very dangerous!" Sun answered. "It is at a crossover point!" Jin added. "Crossover point?!" the Hunter wondered. "Yeah, man!" Miles replied, "it's pretty spooky, even in this world!" "What do you mean?" the Hunter asked. "The mines," Sun answered, "were built to dig up something that was discovered below the Black Rock mountains! What was eventually found was never revealed but there is much power there. Crossover power! Realities criss cross each other at any given point. That was why, in the other world, the mine was eventually abandoned! Too many souls just disappeared!" "But now some Witches are there?" the Hunter asked. "Yes," Jin replied, "young girls who know no better! Out to prove how powerful they are! They've hooked up with Him!" The Hunter nodded, "Thanks, I'll come back for Faraday!" "So you are heading to Black Rock?" Sun asked. "Yeah," the Hunter answered, "I've got to get the girl! Is He there?" "He can be anywhere!" Jin said, "but not always in a form you can recognize!" "Yeah, I figured that!" the Hunter said, as he opened the cabin's back door to retrieve his horse. "Be very careful, Mr. Hunter," Jin warned, "you are not the first to come along and try to track Him and challenge Him!" "I've heard that," the Hunter said, "what happened to the other Hunters?" "All we can say," Sun answered, "is that none have ever come back!" Next: Chap. 18 "The Spells"

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