The Hunter had always been the careful type. Gathering as much information about the bounty and the hunt as possible. He always took only calculated risks. In that way, the element of surprise was greatly reduced. Discovering that Shannon Rutherford was a Witch had a great element of surprise! Daniel Faraday smiled, "Yeah, she was back East, somewhere in Tallahassee, doing Tarot card readings. Who hired you to find her, her brother?" The Hunter nodded. Even though Jacob handled all the arrangements, the other "money man", who contributed to the bounty besides Charles Widmore, was Shannon's step-brother Boone, of the wealthy East coast Carylise family. "Yeah," Daniel continued, "she had hooked up with some older guy. Turned out that guy was a Warlock, who worked for the Smoke Man and had trapped her! She's young and powerful but she is still learning how to control her spells!" "You think she might give me some trouble?" the Hunter asked. Daniel laughed, "Well, if you're asking me if she will voluntarily join up with the Smoke Man, no! But when she's threatened, she will do His bidding! But what I find so amusing is you thinking you're going to be able to find her and take her away!" "And why's that so amusing?" the Hunter asked. Daniel then took on a more serious tone. "Because," he explained, "she's with the other Witches and if you're lucky enough to even find her, you won't be able to take her! Those other Witches will see to that!" The Hunter smiled, "Well, those other Witches don't have all the magic! I've got a trick or two up my sleeves as well!" Next: Chap. 17 "The Mines"

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