"Faraday is here?" the Hunter asked. "Yes," Sun answered, "our magic was strong enough to lure him here!" "What about the girl, Shannon!" he asked. "The girl," Jin replied, "is another case! She was more resistant to our efforts. More influenced by Him! She's with the Witches out by Black Rock!" "I wanna see Faraday!" the Hunter demanded. "Yes, of course," Sun said, "he's right through that door to the other room!" The Hunter moved cautiously to the other side of the cabin, opened the door and peered in. Daniel was sitting in the middle of the floor. "Faraday!" the Hunter called out, "I'm to get you out of here!" Daniel looked up at the Hunter with glazed eyes. "I know my Father sent you," he said. "I work for someone else," the Hunter answered. Daniel laughed. "You may have been hired by someone else," he said, "but the reward that was offered came from my Father!" The Hunter knew what Faraday said was true. Jacob had originally contacted him and made the arrangements but one of the "money men" was indeed Faraday's father, a rich industrialist by the name of Charles Widmore. "Doesn't matter who offered what," the Hunter said, "we're still getting out of here!" Daniel didn't budge. "Do you know why I'm even here?!" Daniel asked. The Hunter shrugged, "I don't care! I've been hired to take you back! And thats what I'm gonna do!" Daniel just stared into space. "The past year," he said, "my Father has had me develop a device called a Splitter. It can split an Electro-Magnetic field in half!" "Well, thats really interesting," the Hunter said, "now let's get the hell outta here!" Daniel continued, "Give me a bullet!" "Give you a what?!" the Hunter asked. "A bullet," Daniel replied, "I need to show you something!" "Okay," the Hunter answered, as he took one bullet from his gun belt and handed it to Daniel. "If it gets you to shut the hell up and go!" "We're surrounded by an intense Electro-Magnetic field," Daniel explained, as he released the bullet, which immediately flew across the room and hit hard against the wall! "Its what holds Him in! He wants to open a path in the field, so He can escape! He has the device. He'll turn to the Witches!" "So what!?" the Hunter said, "those Witches don't know science!" "They may not know science," Daniel replied, "but they know Witchcraft. They only need one more person who has enough conjuring power to activate the device and split the field! And that person is Shannon Rutherford!" "Shannon Rutherford is a Witch?!" The Hunter asked. "Unfortunately for all of us, yes!" Daniel replied. Next: Chap. 16 "The Bounty"

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