The Hunter awoke in a darkened room. He tried to get up but his legs were weak. His neck burned. He forced himself up and slowly wobbled over to a door. The door slowly opened, so he cautiously walked on through. He noticed three people in the room. All were Oriental. One man spotted him and smiled. "Please sit!" he said, motioning to a nearby stool. The Hunter's legs were about to give out from under him, so he limped over. "Would you like some water?" the man asked. The Hunter nodded. A woman brought over a cup. The Hunter sipped. "Where am I?" he weakly asked. "Are you lost?" the man asked. "Wasn't when I started out," the Hunter replied, "where's my horse?" "She is fine," the man answered, "she is outback." "I was looking for a cabin," the Hunter said. The woman spoke up, "You found a cabin. We live here. Now what do you want?!" The Hunter smiled, "I'm looking for a guy and girl. Heard they may have been brought here." The man smiled, "So, you are a Hunter, eh?" The Hunter weakly laughed, "how do you know who I am?" "We are watchers," the man answered, "our spirits travel. We knew you were coming. We just didn't know if you were a threat. So we spun some magic. Looks like the Cacti won!" "You did that?" the Hunter asked. The man nodded. "That's some wild mojo! So you're the Mystics I've heard about?" "Yes," the woman said, "I am Sun, this is my husband, Jin. Over there is our assistant, Miles." The Hunter nodded, "So do you know who I'm asking about?" "Yes," Sun said, "we used our magic to try and draw them here for all of our safety, but His influence was just too strong for one of them! He's taken that one somewhere else!" "Where?!" the Hunter asked. "Further out," Sun replied, "toward the Black Rock mines. With the Witches! Being held until He gets what He wants. Then if He gets that, He'll try to kill the other one!" "Who?!" the Hunter asked. "One of the people you're looking for, saddle tramp!" Miles said, "calls himself Daniel! He's here in the next room!" Next: Chap. 15 "The Splitter"

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