The Hunter rode deep into Cacti territory. Saguaro and Barrel cacti spread out before him. His horse, Katie, slightly hesitated. "Its okay, girl. Keep going!" he encouraged. As they rode on, he thought he spotted the hooded man sitting high up on some boulders, just to his left. Mr. Death! Watching and waiting! Maybe. Maybe not. 'Its probably a mirage or just my mind playing tricks,' the Hunter thought. He rode on. Suddenly, something moved! To his right! 'Another illusion?' he wondered. He stopped. Katie wanted to go back! He knew she was getting frightened! He had to admit he was too! Quickly, to his left! Another movement! He couldn't believe his eyes! A tall Saguaro cactus moved slowly around his perimeter! A rustling sound was suddenly behind him! He quickly glanced back! Several dozen cacti had cut off the trail behind him! As he pulled out the revolver, the Cacti attacked! Katie reared up, neighing loudly in distress! The Hunter fired two quick shots, blasting off the branches of the large Saguaro that was reaching out to grab him! The Cactus screeched out in pain! Two Barrel cacti fired their needles! The Hunter's leather vest absorbed some but a few struck his neck with stinging pain! He spun around and hand fanned the revolver! The two Barrel cacti exploded into a spray of white pus! Another Saguaro knocked the Hunter off his saddle! He hit the ground hard! Katie used her rear legs and kicked the cactus in back of her to kingdom come! She then spun and jumped high over the circle of cacti that was quickly surrounding the Hunter! He tried to get up but his legs were weak! His neck still stung! He tried to raise the revolver but it seemed to now weigh a ton! He looked up to see the Cacti now towering over him, reaching out with their sharp, stubby, needle infested branches! Then the Hunter passed out! Next: Chap. 14 "The Mystics"

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