The Hunter rode out of Dharma Gulch towards the Cacti territory. What few clues he could gather seemed to steer him toward what the witch junkie Juliet referred to as the Mystics. Somewhere out in this scorched desert was a cabin. Discarded bones pointed the way along the dry trail. Some of those bones appeared human! A blistering breeze picked up and the whispers began! The Hunter figured it was only his mind playing tricks until he swore he heard something say, "Look behind you!" And he did! The boy he had encountered earlier in the desert stood there smiling! "Whoa!" the Hunter said to his horse, as he turned to face the strange boy once again. "You got nothing better to do than bug me?!" the Hunter asked. The boy shrugged, "Guess not! Ya'll headed to the cabin, huh?" "Well, you should know, since you're so special and all!" the Hunter mused. "One's not there," the boy said. "Who you talking about?" the Hunter asked. "The two souls you're trying to save," he replied, "the Magicians there might be able to help you find the other one, though!" "Magicians, huh?" the Hunter grinned, "well, I can't wait to see them pull a rabbit out of a hat! Just go back to wherever you came from! I'm in no mood for games!" The boy laughed, "Games is all there is! This is all a game! For Him! For them! For you!" The Hunter couldn't argue with the strange boy's point. "Gotta go!" the Hunter said, as he started to ride on. "Beware!" the boy called out, "when you get to the Cacti territory not everything is as it appears!" The Hunter glanced back but the boy had already disappeared. So he rode further on. Away from the town that was the last way station from reality. Such as it was! Next: Chap. 13 "The Cacti"

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